Aravind - Dawood, Chiru - Chota Rajan: Naga Babu

During the festival season, An Actor or Technician or Producer complain about 'Aa Naluguru' keeping the Industry in their hold and Theatre Mafia has been harassing Small Producers with denial of screens.

When he was quizzed about it, Naga Babu replied: 'Mega Family, Akkineni Family, Daggubati Family and Nandamuri Family are one side. On the other side, There are Distributors like Dil Raju, Allu Aravind and Suresh Babu...Will there be a mafia bigger than this? Allu Aravind is Dawood ibrahim and My Elder Brother or Suresh Babu is Chota Rajan. These are all baseless allegations. Nobody could control anyone in the Industry. Release of Small Films is a matter related to Distributors.

None of the Industry bigwigs will try to stall the release of any movie. Film Making isn't a spiritual organisation. Here, Demand/Craze matters the most. If those four have been having control over everything, Then why does Mega Heroes taste flops? We don't have any power, it's a fact. Few Theatres might be in the control of Allu Aravind, Dil Raju and Suresh Babu, but the real problem is lack of proper planning by Small Producers.

In February & March, None of the Star-Studded Films will release. Why don't Producers prefer releasing low-budget films during that period? Distributors prefer movies which fetch them good returns. Even Low-Budget Movies were screened in huge number of theatres if they arrive at the right time. Films become successful only if the content is good. Even high-budget films haven't been running for more than 3-4 weeks'.

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