Has Babu Trapped Opposition Leaders?

Political pundits who watched the Delhi show of Chandrababu Naidu are wondering whether Chandrababu Naidu has managed to entrap all the Opposition leaders? They say that the Oppositions leaders came to the dharna site because of their opposition to Modi. So, they joined Chandrababu's show to criticise Modi.

Chandrababu, who had speadfastly supported Modi and fully backed the special package, has now changed his stance. He is now saying that special status is the panacea for all the ills afflicting AP. Forgetting that he had passed a resolution praising Modi for the special package, he is now slamming Modi. Thus, everyone known the rank opportunism of Chandrababu Naidu. By joining hands with Chandrababu, the leaders of various regional parties and the Congress are risking losing their credibility. What they do not know is that Chandrababu can suddenly change the tack and start praising Modi if it suits him. If Modi comes back to power, he would switch sides and turn into a Modi fan again. This will leave the other opposition parties in the lurch.

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