Modi Helped Ambani Steal Rs 30,000 Crore!

Rafael Deal has become a headache for the NDA Government as the Congress Party and Media Outlets continued to make shocking revelations to establish that undue favours were offered to Anil Ambani.

As per the report published by The Hindu, Anil Ambani met France Defence Minister 10 days before the Rafale Deal was signed.

Rahul Gandhi accused PM Narendra Modi of acting like a middleman of Anil Ambani. 'Neither then Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar nor the Foreign Secretary nor Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) knew about the deal, but Ambani knew about it 10 days in advance. Dear Students & the Youth of India: Everyday there are new revelations about RAFALE that make it clear that the PM helped his friend Anil Ambani, steal Rs 30,000 Cr of your money,' he said.    

NDA Government is answerable to the questions raised by the Congress President over the controversial deal.

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