Backstabbing Led To My Defeat In Assembly Polls!

Former Minister Thummala Nageswara Rao cried foul that he conceded defeat in the 2018 Telangana Assembly Polls due to backstabbing. He complained Leaders within the TRS Party worked against him and celebrated his defeat. At the same time, The Senior Politician maintained that those who rely on backstabbing politics would never reach greater heights.

Thummala claimed TRS bagged maximum number of seats in Khammam District in the Panchayat Polls. During the felicitation of the newly elected Sarpanches in Paleru Constituency, Thummala pledged: 'Inspite of facing defeat, I won't compromise on the development of Khammam District. State will progress if villages are developed. KCR who is well aware of it has been working tirelessly'.

The Ex-Minister cautioned Sarpanches about the rules of the newly introduced Panchayat Raj Act which could pose a threat to their posts if found guilty of corruption. He directed Sarpanches to strive hard for the development of villages without bothering about local politics.  

Thummala informed that Mission Bhagiratha will be operational within 3 months. He directed Sarpanches to ensure every house in the village have the tap connection to receive drinking water on daily basis.

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