That Guy In Anushka's Life! Mystery Unraveled!!

Anushka Shetty tried various methods to shed all the extra flab she gained for Size Zero but the results weren't satisfactory. She has finally opted for a detox program that's been followed in Austria to attain a slim posture.

Recent pictures of the 'Baahubali' Star made people wonder how did she manage to get so slim. What surprised the netizens even more is the presence of a guy in the random pics circulated on the social media. Is he the boyfriend of Sweety? The answer to this question....This person happens to be Luke Coutinho who is a nutritionist with expertise in integrative and lifestyle medicine. He is the one who helped Anushka achieve the best results in Austria.

Reportedly, Anushka Shetty is going to be the brand ambassador and business partner for Luke's new brand. While Luke helped Anushka get into shape, Anushka will help Luke gain attention in India. That's really interesting...isn't it?

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