Wedding Gift? Just Vote For Modi: Hyd Youth

Mukesh Rao Yande, a hardcore fan of PM Narendra Modi, came up with a unique wedding invitation. He appealed guests not to bring any gifts on his wedding but vote for NaMo in the upcoming General Elections. 'Our gift is your vote for Modi in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections,' read the message on Wedding Card of the Hyderabad Youth who is getting married on February 21st.

Initially, Parents of the 27-Year-Old are hesitant to support such a decision as the guests could be sympathisers of other political parties. They couldn't say no as Mukesh Rao is very particular about showing his admiration for the Prime Minister. 'It's my way of seeking support for re-election of Modi,' says the Youngster who is working as Assistant Engineer in Telangana Power Generation Corporation.

Mukesh Rao feels Narendra Modi is taking the country forward with initiatives such as Swachh Bharat. He is not worried about people dubbing him as Modi Bhakt.

Last month, Gujarat Couple came up with Rafale-themed Wedding Card to convey vote for Modi is the only gift they were expecting. PM had even wrote a letter to the couple appreciating them for inspiring him to work much harder for the country.
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