Dil Raju Says He Doesn't Have Many Theaters

Dil Raju in an interview commented about the allegations that few producers are making about the theatre mafia. He said that he doesn't own 100s of theatres.

He said, "I am a distributor and producer. I try to talk to all the theater owners to get complete understanding of ground reality. Theaters run majorly on the films that release during Sankranthi, Summer and Dasara seasons.

At other times, more often theatres will run with losses. Just because we can produce a film and want it run in a theatre near us, Industry doesn't work like that.

I have 40 theatres in Nizam out of total 400. Suresh Babu and Asian Sunil have 120 and there are 50 more single screens. How can I determine who gets theatres and who don't?

Media should ask those who are making these allegations. We are in an Industry where we live on films. Films need to have content that can pull audiences to theatres.

If you can't promote your film or bring audience to theaters, who will risk their business by trusting you? One needs to understand the basic realities before talking about an issue in media.

Because someone is successful that doesn't mean you throw stones at them. There is more pain and work behind reaching to this position, negativity is common but this is too much," concluded Producer, Dil Raju.

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