God Sent Anisha For Me: Vishal

It is known that Tollywood hero Vishal is all set to tie the knot with Anisha Reddy. Though everyone thought it is an arranged marriage, Vishal in a recent interview revealed that it is a love marriage and shocked everyone.

Anisha is also an actress who played a small role in Vijay Devarakonda's 'Arjun Reddy' movie. Recently, Vishal has shared his love story in an interview. "I met Anisha because of work but I have never thought that it would lead to our marriage. I am going to direct a movie based on street dogs and Anisha is one of the members of the creative team of the film. I narrated the script to her and asked her to give feedback. During our discussions about the film, we became very close and we fell in love. I proposed her first. I strongly believe that God has sent her to me" said Vishal and stated that Anisha is also a national level basketball player as well as a social worker.

"Anisha also has a hidden talent. She can train any tiger and can make it sleep in minutes. I was surprised to see a video of her making a tiger sleep" added Vishal and said that he will never ask Anisha to stop doing movies and she can do whatever she wants to.
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