Ram Charan Wants To Stay Away From 'VVR'

It is known that Mega Powerstar Ram Charan has recently came up with a mass entertainer 'Vinaya Vidheya Rama' under the direction of Boyapati Srinu.

Kiara Advani played the female lead and the movie hit the screens on January 11th, 2019. Despite getting released amid high expectations, the movie opened with lukewarm response from the audience. Boyapati has added so many senseless logic scenes in the film which irked the audience. Keeping the collections aside, the movie has been getting flop talk from the audience. But it seems like Ram Charan wants to stay away from the lukewarm response and is hanging out with his best friend Akhil.

Upasana recently shared a picture in which Ram Charan and Akhil Akkineni got dressed up and all set for skiing time. In that way, Charan is staying far away from 'VVR'.

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