Another AP MLA Ready To Leave BJP

BJP Floor Leader Vishnu Kumar Raju made sensational comments on Friday. 'Poll Prospects of BJP in AP doesn't look good. That is why Leaders have been quitting the party,' he told.

Vishnu Kumar Reddy disclosed his plans to contest from Visakha North Constituency in 2019 Elections. He added, 'I would reveal the name of the party after the arrival of Election Notification'.

Recently, Rajahmundry Urban MLA Akula Satyanarayana resigned to BJP. He will be joining Jana Sena Party on January 21st.

In 2014 Elections, BJP emerged victorious in four Assembly Constituencies (Tadepalligudem - Manikyala Rao, Kaikalur - Kamineni Srinivas, Visakha North - Vishnu Kumar Raju, Rajahmundry City - Akula Satyanarayana). While Manikyala Rao still remained loyal to BJP, Kamineni Srinivas has remained silent after the end of ties with TDP. Both Akula Satyanarayana and Vishnu Kumar Raju have been looking at other parties.

As per the buzz, Vishnu Kumar Raju have an understanding with Telugu Desam Leadership and he could be contesting on TDP Ticket.

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