Suhasini Still Need To Learn A Lot!

Voters are no more ready to support Candidates blindly taking into account their family background. The shocking defeat of Nandamuri Suhasini in Kukatpally itself is a clear indication. Not just the negative impression on TDP, Even Harikrishna's Daughter should have to accept the blame for the defeat. She failed to leave a mark of her own despite campaigning for several days with the support of Pro-Media Media. There could have been a chance had if Suhasini established herself as a capable leader. She wasn't able to improve her image as the Granddaughter of NTR during the course of campaigning.

Speeches of Nandamuri Suhasini took the social media by storm before the Telangana Assembly Polls. Public had even discussed how could they vote for a candidate who can't even speak few words properly. Suhasini failed to offer a befitting reply to the Opponents who campaigned about her inability to speak fluently. Public expected her to learn lesson from the failure and seriously concentrate on delivering arresting public speeches. Seems like, No such home work has been done before delivering yet another speech.

Post the screening of 'NTR Kathanayakudu', Suhasini claimed to have learnt about her Grandfather after watching the movie. Even NTR Family Members have no clue about the life journey of the Legendary Personality..How silly does it looks?That shows Suhasini's lack of knowledge! At least, She need to focus on how to create a positive impression with her speeches in the next 5 years.
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