Jagan's Yatra Scares TDP Ranks

The Telugu 'Tammull'u now has a real reason to get jittery. The Jagan tornado is hitting them hard. The conclusion of his 341-day long Maha Sankalpa Yatra was such a huge affair that the TDP ranks are discussing this to no end. Ichchapuram is a small border town with a small population. But, the turnout at Jagan's yatra was stupendous. People from across the state, including Rayalaseema, trooped to Icchapuram to listen to YS Jagan. This turnout is indicative of the massive support that Jagan is enjoying among the people, the TDP leaders say.

They said the yatra has enabled Jagan to cover every district starting from Idupulapaya in Kadapa to Ichchapuram in Srikakulam. Political analysts say that Jagan's padayatra is like no other padayatra. It is in fact a 'maha pada yatra' when compared all other yatras, including the pada yatra of Chandrababu Naidu.

The stupendously large turnout of women, youth and farmers is indicative of the people's anger against the ruling TDP. More importantly, Jagan's assurances too are proving to be a big draw. The people are saying that YS Jagan is giving assurances only after carefully considering all aspects. For instance, he said he would not promise reservations to Kapus as this is not feasible. This showed how mature he is. He is not one to give false assurances at the time of elections and conveniently forget it later. The TDP leaders admit that  YS Jagan has gone very close to the people of the state with his yatra. This is the cause for their worry.

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