Who Described Pawan as Balayya 2.O?

YSR Congress Leaders has intensified the attack on Pawan Kalyan after the Actor-turned-Politician began speaking in a harsh/threatening tone since Ananthapur Kavathu. Party Spokesperson Sudhakar Babu described PK as 'Balayya 2.O' when it comes to speeches and actions. 'Pawan...Mind your tongue. Don't cross the line while talking about YS Jagan. Apart from attacking Jagan personally, You have been accusing that YCP Chief is targeting your personal life. There won't be a private life for a politician..Pawan need to accept it,' he opined

Sudhakar Babu questioned Pawan Kalyan whether if he didn't marry thrice and hadn't cheated on his Second Wife. He maintained, ‘Not Pawan, YS Jagan is known for the fighting spirit and he alone can be compared with Che Guevera. He is a fighter who is continuing the battle against Chandrababu Naidu against all the odds. He isn't someone like Pawan who runs away from the battle field'.

The YCP Leader accused Pawan Kalyan of accepting package from TDP Government for four years and enacting a drama in the election year. He held PK responsible for all the wrong-doings of the TDP Government.

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