5 States Exit Polls 2018 - Live Updates

5 States Assembly Polls have been considered as Semi Finals for 2019 Lok Sabha Polls. While BJP was in power in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, TRS ruled Telangana and Congress had been holding power in Mizoram until recently. What verdict did the people of these states delivered now?

Situation during 2014 Telangana Assembly Polls and 2018 Telangana Assembly Polls is so different. Way back in 2014, Prediction of Survey Agencies that TRS will form the government on its has come true. In 2018, Pre-Poll Surveys had only confused the people. While almost all Surveys were in favour of TRS until Mid-November, Few Agencies and Individuals like Lagadapati Rajagopal hasn't ruled out the possibility of Mahakutami forming the Government.

Let's see what clarity does the Exit Polls offer to the people of this country...

Telangana Exit Polls (Magic Figure - 60 Seats):

Times Now-CNX Survey:

TRS: 66 Seats

Mahakutami: 37 Seats

BJP: 7 Seats

Others: 2 Seats

CNN Survey:

TRS: 50-65 Seats

Mahakutami: 38-52 Seats

BJP: 4-7 Seats

Others: 8-14 Seats

News 18 Survey:

TRS: 38-52 Seats

Mahakutami: 50-65 Seats

Others: 8-14 Seats


India Today Survey:

TRS: 79-81 Seats

Mahakutami: 21-33 Seats

MIM: 4-7 Seats

BJP: 1-3 Seats

Axis Survey:

TRS: 85 Seats

Mahakutami: 27 Seats

BJP: 2 Seats

Others: 5 Seats

Madhya Pradesh Exit Polls (Magic Figure - 116 Seats):

Times Now Survey:

BJP: 126 Seats

Congress: 89 Seats

Others: 9 Seats

India  Today Survey:

BJP: 102 -120 Seats

Congress: 104-122 Seats

BSP: 6 Seats

Others: 9 Seats

News X Survey:

BJP: 112 Seats

Congress: 102 Seats

Others: 12 Seats

ABP-Lokniti CSDS Survey:

Congress: 126 Seats

BJP: 94 Seats

Others: 10 Seats


Republic-Jan Ki Baat Survey:

BJP: 110-126 Seats

Congress: 95-115 Seats

Others: 6-22 Seats


Rajasthan Exit Polls (Magic Figure - 100 Seats):

Times Now Survey:

Congress: 105 Seats

BJP: 85 Seats

BSP: 2 Seats

Others: 7 Seats



ABP-CSDS Survey:

Congress: 101 Seats

BJP: 83 Seats

Others: 15 Seats

Republic-Jan Ki Baat Survey:

Congress: 81-101 Seats

BJP: 83-103 Seats

Others: 15 Seats

News X Neta:

Congress: 112 Seats

BJP: 80 Seats

Others: 9 Seats


India Today-Axis My India Survey:

Congress: 119-141 Seats

BJP: 55-72 Seats

Chhattisgarh Exit Polls (Magic Figure - 46 Seats):

Times Now Survey:

BJP: 46 Seats

Congress:35 Seats

BSP: 7 Seats

Others: 2 Seats

News Nation Survey:

Congress: 40-44 Seats

BJP: 38-42 Seats

BSP: 4-8 Seats

Others: 0-4 Seats



India Today Survey:

BJP: 21-31 Seats

Congress: 55-65 Seats

Others: 4-8 Seats


ABP-CSDS Survey:

BJP: 52 Seats

Congress: 35 Seats

Others: 3 Seats


Republic-Jan Ki Baat Survey:

BJP: 40-48 Seats

Congress: 37-43 Seats

Others: 5-6 Seats


Mizoram Exit Polls (Magic Figure - 21 Seats):

C-Voter Survey:

Congress: 14-18 Seats

MNF: 16-20 Seats

ZPM: 3-7 Seats

Others: 0-3 Seats

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