The Other Side Of CBN's Tall Claims

YS Jaganmohan Reddy placed a Tweet soon after the polling in Telangana Assembly Polls has come to an end. He mentioned about the Ad Campaign on behalf of AP Government in the Telangana Polls. 'Chandrababu Naidu claimed he built Houses, established Industries and achieved great progress in terms of development. Whereas, He responded in an unacceptable manner when DSC Candidates questioned him about the 2014 Poll Promise - 'Babu Vasthe Job Vasthundu''.

Yuva Neta ridiculed TDP Supremo for allegedly saying he isn't ready to work for the well-being of unemployed alone. He even highlighted the warned issued by CM to DSC Candidates, 'Thamasha Aatalu Adakandi..Be Careful'.

Chandrababu Naidu increased the retirement age of Government Employees from 58 to 60 years for the sake of votes. This was a strategic move planned by TDP Leadership to reach out to Government Employees who distanced Naidu because of what they have gone through during his 9 years rule. Eventually, The youth had to pay a huge price because of the opportunistic politics. While the job vacancies has fallen drastically, Government isn't even ready to fill the existing ones. The Unemployment Allowance which was promised in 2014 by TDP has been implemented months before 2019 Polls. Is it fair?

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