Em Thamasha Chesthunnara..!: CBN

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu warned Dsc Candidates when they sought justice by holding placards during 'Pedarikam Pai Gelupu' programme in Tirupati. Dsc Candidates commented, ‘Babu Vatse Job Vastundi Annav. Ninnu Gelipisthe, Nee Kodukki Udyogam Ippinchav. Mammalni Matram Road-La-Palu Chesi Adukkune La Chesav’.  

Chief Minister responded seriously on the protesters, ‘Em Thamasha Chesthunnara..Be Careful’. Thereafter, He claimed to have created more jobs than any other government. He also made it clear no government could offer the jobs as per DSC.  TDP Supremo defended the failure in jobs creation citing Rs 1,000 per month Unemployment Allowance his Government has been offering. In reply,  DSC  Candidates told they aren't accepting Rs 1,000 offered by him and asked CM to offer that money to his Son.  

DSC  Candidates expressed their anguish on CM for issuing warning and accusing them of lacking discipline. Quickly, Cops took six protesters into custody.  

DSC Candidate Sambhavi complained only 2 out of 50,000 vacant posts have been filled by the Government. She accused CM of cheating the unemployed youth in his own district with false promises.
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