Let's Defeat PK In His Own Place: Sri Reddy

Sri Reddy stopped targeting Pawan Kalyan in the recent past. That doesn't mean she has given up her fight against the Jana Sena Chief. She now threatens to launch a staggering attack on Powerstar at the time of 2019 General Elections. ‘I will make sure my pledge comes true. Let's defeat Pawan in his own constituency wherever he might contest,' told the Actress.  

The Controversial Lady made it clear she neither believes in the institution of marriage nor wishes to be in a live-in relationship. She claims to be keen to devote rest of her life for social service.  

Sri Reddy found fault with the way IT Minister KTR dealt Tollywood Drug Racket Case and Park Hyatt Sex Racket Scandal. 'Why the Drug Racket Case was closed? If it's not closed, what about the updates? Why the Park Hyatt Sex Scandal wasn't taken seriously?,' Sri Reddy asked KTR, while expressing the fear that she won't be allowed to return to Hyderabad and even her house will be snatched if she discloses the dark secrets.

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