NTR At NTR Biopic Events

Some are commenting that the untimely demise of Nandamuri Harikrishna has brought his brother Balayya and son NTR together. However, some of the incidents that are happening now are once again hinting that the duo are not on good terms at the moment.

Earlier, NTR hasn't attended the campaign for his sister Nandamuri Suhasini who contested from Kukatpally constituency with TDP ticket. Though he supported her on social media, he hasn't appeared in the campaigns and even kept Kalyanram away from the political affairs. Some are saying that NTR himself has stopped Kalyan Ram from going to the campaign.

On the other hand, Balayya hasn't even taken the name of NTR while talking at the success meet of 'Aravinda Sametha'. So that sprouted so many doubts if everything is going well between the Nandamuri heroes or not. On this note, will NTR attend the movie event of NTR biopic or not has now become a hot topic in the industry.

Kalyan Ram will be there as he became the part of the film by playing the role of his father Nandamuri Harikrishna. We have to wait and see if Balayya invites NTR for NTR biopic movie events or not.
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