Who Forged KCR's Signature?

TJS Malkajgiri Candidate Dileep Kumar made sensational allegations against Caretaker CM K Chandrasekhar Rao 24 hours ahead of the polling of Assembly Elections. He accused KCR of asking Two MPs to forge his signature in the Parliament Records.

According to Dileep Kumar, KCR hasn't attend Parliament for several months while serving as an MP between 2004 to 2006. As per Lok Sabha rules, An MP has to submit Leave-Of-Absence Letter to the Speaker if he/she didn't attend the Lok Sabha for more than 6 months. Speaker will read the letter in the presence of MPs and seek their opinions. If any member skips the Sessions for over six months without offering proper explanation, Speaker have the authority to issue a suspension order.

Whereas, KCR hasn't submitted Leave-Of-Absence Letter though he skipped Parliament Sessions for so long. Instead, He asked then Adilabad MP Madhusudhan Reddy and another MP Ravindra Naik to forge his signature in Parliament Records. They both had implemented the orders passed by KCR who have no respect for Constitution and Parliament.

Dileep Kumar opined truth prevails if those records were sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory. He claimed to have revealed this secret to a reporter in the past and it's been published in few newspapers as well. 'As I am receiving so many phone calls regarding it, I decided to issue a clarification,' says the TJS Leader.
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