Highest Cash Flow In Kukatpally?

Influence of money on Voters can be seen more in Andhra Pradesh. Sadly, Assembly Polls 2018 gave an impression that so much money has been changing hands in Telangana as well. Close to Rs 200 crore seized by Police and IT Officials in Telangana reflects the situation at the ground level.

As per an estimate, Rs 5 to 10 crore were spent by each candidate in their Assembly Segments only to bribe the voters ahead of polling. Much more funding has been done in prestigious constituencies such as Kukatpally.

TDP doesn't want to face the defeat in Kukatpally at any cost because the party image gets affected if Nandamuri Suhasini losses. In fact, Telugu Desam Leadership is okay with defeat in any of the remaining 12 constituencies.

If the media reports are to be believed, Rs 5,000 per Vote was offered in Kukatpally. Rs 17.5 lakh Cash seized near TDP SC Corporation Chairman Jupally's house in Kukatpally make people believe the cash-for-vote reports. Can the Winner be really proud of the victory if this news is true?
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