24 Kisses

Movie Review: 24 Kisses

Rating: 0.5/5

Cast: Hebah Patel, Adith Arun, Rao Ramesh, Naresh, Adithi Michael and Others

Music: Joy Baruva

Cinematography: Uday Gurrala

Producers: Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty-Sanjay Reddy-Anil Pallala

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty

Release Date: 23rd November 2018

Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty shot to fame with National Award-winning film 'Minugurulu'. He, however, wasn't able to achieve Box Office with the critically acclaimed film. The filmmaker upped the dosage of spiciness in '24 Kisses' for commercial success. He succeeded in drawing the attention of Youth with promos & making videos containing steamy lip-locks. Let's see if the film have anything other than kisses...


Anand (Adith Arun) is a Children Filmmaker. He always wanted to do something for the children suffering due to malnutrition & hence uses Cinema as a platform to create awareness among public. During the process, Anand meets Sri Lakshmi (Hebah Patel). While Sri Lakshmi falls in love with him, Anand doesn't believe in the institution of marriage and he isn't prepared to have a serious relationship. Sri Lakshmi breaks up with Anand upon knowing he had affairs with lot of Women. What has Anand gone through during this phase? Has he changed as a person or continued to have the same mindset? Watch '24 Kisses' to find answers!


Adith Arun shot to fame with 'Katha' which released several years ago. He was last seen in 'Tungabhadra' (2015). The Young Hero decided to test his luck as hero again after a gap of 3 years with '24 Kisses'. He has shown good ease and performed well but the characterization is confusing.

Intimate Scenes of Hebah Patel will enthrall the youth. Nothing much to say about her Performance. She appears dull in few scenes due to lack of make-up.

Rao Ramesh irritates with his dialogue delivery and expressions. Naresh is ineffective. Rest of Actors have no scope to leave a mark of their own.   








Music composed by Joy Baruva is alright. 'Ee Utsavam Neeko Sagam Naako Sagam' song is well composed. Background Score is fine. Cinematography by Uday Gurrala is ordinary. Production Values aren't satisfactory. Director Ayodhya Kumar ruined the reputation he earned with 'Minugurulu' by making a sub-standard film like '24 Kisses'. Story & Screenplay are too bad. Lack of conviction in the scenes is evident. Ayodhya Kumar failed both as Writer & Director.


For any movie, Characterizations of the Lead Pair are of utmost important to gain acceptance of the public. Makers of '24 Kisses' had only tested the patience of viewers with the poor manner in which characters has been etched out. Hero takes up the mission to do hit bit for the children suffering from malnutrition. In between, He have affairs with a lot of women and doesn't believe in marriage. On the other hand, Heroine continues intimacy with Hero though he never appears to be committed to the relationship. Does it looks convincing at all?

Rest of the key characters irritate till the very end. As Psychiatrist, Rao Ramesh makes people wonder why did he take up such a role. Combination Scenes of Rao Ramesh and Adith Arun were written badly & picturized in an appalling manner. In the role of Heroine's Father, Naresh does comedy upon knowing somebody has cheated his Daughter. Needless to say how worse rest of the characters have been designed.

The much-hyped Liplocks are more like the staff in B-Grade Movies. Title & Promos gave an impression that this movie would cater to the youth. At the same time, People assumed 'Minugurulu' Director wouldn't have made such a movie with a strong element. Upon watching '24 Kisses', People doubt if Ayodhya Kumar was the one who helmed the National Award-winning film. At least, The Youth would have embraced it had if its been designed as an erotic movie.

Attempt made to narrate '24 Kisses' with a poetic touch has gone terribly wrong. Instead of Love, Only Lust can be seen either in role of Hero or Heroine. Kisses & Intimate Scenes in the First Half might have pleased at least a section of audience. In the Second Half, Those elements have gone missing completely and this is where everyone started feeling restless. Neither Characterizations nor Screenplay are decent to make the film acceptable to some extent. Viewers feel like living in the hell after a point due to the confusing & senseless narration. Overall, '24 Kisses' have nothing to offer other than Kisses!

Bottom Line: Don't Even Dare To Watch It!
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