Do You Know How Many Hours Nithya Shot For Geeta Govindam?

Geeta Govindam makers kept the cameos of Nithya Menen and Anu Emmanuel as secret until the day before release.

People who did not know that the two beauties are in the film, got pleasantly surprised.

Parasuram, the director talked about the cameos and said, "We wanted Vijay's character to narrate the story to someone and then take their advice.

First, we thought a friend coming to his sister's marriage, then changed it to a stranger and felt that the stranger should be a girl. Later, we decided it would be best to rope in a popular lead actress in the role.

Nithya Menen accepted the role and we finished shooting with her in 12 hours. We started at night 10 o' clock and finished it by next morning 10 AM.

Anu Emmanuel came in at a later stage as Allu Aravind wanted to bring in a new well known heroine for that cameo and he got Anu on board as she was shooting with Allu Arjun back then.

We finished her shoot in just 3 hours. Both helped us to keep the interest in the screenplay going with their performances at crucial junctures," concluded the director.
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