KA Paul Wants AP People Pick Him In Next Elections!

Noted Evangelist KA Paul needs no introduction. He later ventured into politics. However, he did not see a big success in it. KA Paul floated a party named Praja Shanthi. Of late he is making sensational comments and seeing a big coverage in the news. KA Paul raised his voice against Vizag Steel plant privatization.

The other day, KA Paul made sensational comments and stood in solidarity with YS Avinash Reddy in connection with the Vivekananda Reddy case. Speaking to the media, he said that Avinash is innocent in the case and he is being framed in the case.

Now KA Paul is in the news with his comments. He wants AP people to make a wise decision by picking him in the upcoming elections so that they can see development and come out of the tough times or else no one can save them from the condition.

KA Paul said that people should be wise enough to pick him in the next general elections or else they should have to face a lot of issues if they pick who makes debts. People should be wise in making the decisions.

The Evangelist said that people should pick the path given by god and make the Praja Shanthi win the elections. People irrespective of caste and religion should decide on picking me over others for their betterment.

On the same occasion, KA Paul also targeted Nara Lokesh and said that his Yuvagalam padayatra is not giving any positive outcome and he is doing drama with his yatra. That is not padayatra but drama yatra. KA Paul said that Nara Lokesh is unable to impress people with Yatra.
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