Mem Famous

'Mem Famous' Movie Review

Cast: Sumanth Prabhas, Mani Agurla, Mourya, Saarya, Siri Raasi, Siva Nandan, Muralidhar Goud and others.

Music: Kalyan Naik

Cinematography: Shyam Doopati

Producer: Sarath Chandra, Anurag Reddy and Chandru Manohar

Writer - Director: Sumanth Prabhas

'Mem Famous' is the latest film which got the attention of the public through the interesting promotions. Chai Bisket company who produced 'Writer Padmabhushan' has bankrolled this project while Sumanth Prabhas who got famous through YouTube shorts has played the lead along with being the director. Let us dive into the review to know more about this movie.


Maayi (Sumanth Prabhas), Baali (Mourya) and Durga (Mani Egurla) are childhood friends in Bandanarsipally village of Telangana. With studies gone awry, these three people just pass the time by drinking every day, having fights in the village and ending up at Panchayati. Such people will have a change in heart due to a key incident. In order to settle in life, they set up a tent house. Just when everyone thought that their lives are on the right track, things take an unexpected turn. What is this turn and how will their life get affected forms the rest of the story.


After Telangana got separated, a lot of movies showcasing Telangana culture have arrived. They are highlighting the nature of the Telangana people and gave many entertaining and emotional films. Young makers are coming with such scripts do have a universal appeal despite having a Telangana backdrop. Movie like 'Balagam' was watched by everyone irrespective of the region. While 'Jathiratnalu' was a laughter riot, 'Balagam' was a complete emotional drama. Inspired by these, young director Sumanth Prabhas has readied a story that is filled with light-hearted comedy. Though he tried to copy a few other flicks, there is honesty in his attempt. But people who thought it was a racy entertainer after watching the trailer will get disappointed. There are a few moments in the film and comedy works out in parts. But the slow narration and the bumpy screenplay pulled the movie down. 'Mem Famous' looks more than a short film and less than a feature film.

The trailer of 'Mem Famous' is both plus and minus for the movie. Looking at the trailer, one expects a fast-paced flick with entertainment thereby raising expectations heavily. It helped in generating the buzz on the movie but it also disappointed the audience. Sumanth Prabhas who was the hero, director and writer of this film at the age of 23 has shown signs of brilliance but his movie lacked pace. If it was fast enough, the movie would have ended up as another 'Jathiratnalu'. Looking at this movie, a lot of scenes remind people of 'Jathiratnalu'. The basic premise of three friends who do nothing in life except drinking and cause problems for others is somewhat similar to Anudeep's film. But 'Jathiratnalu' is a film made to bring laughs from people but this film has fun only till a certain point. It turns into a serious mode with responsibilities and aims coming into the forefront.

Sumanth Prabhas succeeded in making the people laugh with the comedy between the three friends. He took the regular situations in rural life and turned them into many scenes. Bet matches, dancing at the wedding Baarat, drinking and catching a hen for stuff in alcohol and others are quite relatable. The first half is passable with decent fun but there is a feeling that the second half went off track. The movie is slow from the beginning but the pace becomes even slow in the latter half. A lot of time was spent on hero and friends trying to become famous through YouTube. The scenes become repetitive and with the story not moving forward, the graph comes down instantly. The climax sequence is not that effective as well but the trend scenes and jokes engage you partially. 'Mem Famous' is without a doubt an honest effort but keep your expectations in check before watching it.


Sumanth Prabhas who is already popular with YouTube shorts and songs showcased a lot of ease. As he is the director, he had full idea of how Maayi should behave and he delivered a commendable performance. Mani and Mourya too did very well as his friends. They are very natural in their roles. The young guy who played the role of lipstick spoiler was wonderful and he has a lot of future. Actor who played the role of Anji Mama was good too and Muralidhar Goud sleepwalked through his character. The girls who acted as heroines were decent. The rest of the actors were apt and gave a natural performance required for the movie.


'Mem Famous' is okay on the technical front. Kalyan Naik's songs are okay. Though there are no chartbusters, the songs don't bore you on the screen. The nativity of Telangana was showcased very well with the help of beautiful lyrics. The background score is okay, Shyam Dupati's cinematography is fine even though the restrictions in the budget are visible. The production values are adequate. The producers have encouraged new talent once again and brought out a decent product.

Sumanth Prabhas as a writer and director was good in parts. His story lacked intensity and variety. He failed to elevate the movie but the lack of experience was visible at times. He should take more care regarding the story and screenplay.

Verdict: 'Mem Famous - Half Decent!

Rating: 2.5/5

Disclaimer : This Review is Just An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theater
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