New UK Visa rules to affect Indian students

In a significant new decision, the UK government has barred Indian students from bringing their family members to UK while the former are still studying in a British educational institution. In another significant move, the British government has also put curbs on the students from abroad studying in the country on switching to work visas before completing their educational course.

These two new decisions are going to impact the Indian students heavily as the Indian students are known to bring their children or relatives to the UK even while pursuing their studies. Simiarly, there is a tendency among the Indian students to secure a work visa even before finishing their academic course.

The latest fiat is sure to hit the women who bring in their family members into the Britain. This move is also aimed at clamping down on unprincipled educational and academic agents who focusing more on immigration and less on education. These curbs are expected to come into force as soon as possible, the British authorities said.

Indians form a huge chunk of the students seeking admission into various courses in Britain. As per the government statistics, as many as 87045 Indians sought admission into various courses in the UK  in 2020-21. Indians are second only to China, which enrolled 99965 students during the same period.
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