Why is KCR refusing to allow anyone into Pragathi Bhavan?

It is now emerging that the TRS MLAs are finding that they are totally unwelcome at the Pragathi Bhavan. The CM is not giving anyone an appointment at his official residence these days. Many MLAs of the TRS, who tried to meet him, were turned back by the security staff saying that they have no appointment.  Recently, a senior party MLA tried to meet KCR, but was sent back, say sources.

According to party insiders, several MLAs, who have become unpopular in their respective constituencies, could be denied tickets this time around. If sources are to be believed, there are at least 30 such MLAs. These MLAs are trying to meet KCR to plead their case.  Sometimes, other MLAs are trying to plead their case. Hence, to avoid them, KCR is said to have left strict instructions to his security staff not to allow anyone.

However, KCR is available to meet party leaders and important functionaries at the newly-built secretariat. KCR is said to be regularly visiting the newly built secretariat, where he is said to be holding important review meetings. KCR is said to be asking these MLAs to join him in the review meetings. But, these meetings are taking hours and the MLAs are practically left with very little time to plead their case.

Meanwhile, the buzz in both Pragathi Bhavan and secretariat is that any leader from neighbouring Maharashtra is getting a ready welcome. They are immediately ushered into KCR's chambers and the chief minister is said to be spending considerable time with them discussing the political scenario in the state.
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