Going gets tough for Vellampally in Vijayawada West?

The going seems to be increasingly tough for firebrand YSRCP leader and former minister Vellampally Srinivas in Vijayawada West. The dissidence against him is growing and several leaders have already indicated that they may not support him if the party again makes him the MLA candidate from Vijayawada West. Vellampally is now busy putting out these fires.

While he was a minister, Vellampally endeared himself to Jagan through his strong attacks on the political opponents. However, he has rubbed party colleague and Vijayawada central MLA Malladi Vishnu the wrong way. The relations between these leaders are said to be icy cold. Similarly, he has antagonized another strong leader and YSRCP MLA Samineni Udayabhanu of Jaggaiahpet.  He had strongly opposed Udayabhanu taking his rival Akula Srinivas to YS Jagan. Since then, the relations between Samineni and Vellampally have been frosty.

Meanwhile, the minority leaders of Vijayawada West, led by party leader Asif, have said that they would not support Vellampally if he is given the party ticket in 2024. They argue that Vellampally completely ignored the minorities while he was a minister. Muslims form a significant chunk of voters in Vijayawada West.

Meanwhile, the IPAC team too is said to have sent a negative report on Vellampally. All these have now become headaches for the former minister. He is said to be trying to mend fences with the rivals. However, the minorities are said to be quite determined not to support the former minister.
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