High Court's Crucial Comments On Spouse Saying No To Sex!

A man got a big relief in getting a divorce from his spouse as the High Court granted him the divorce. When a family court rejected his petition seeking a divorce, he knocked on the doors of the High Court and got relief. While granting divorce the court made some sensational comments.

The Allahabad High Court granted a man divorce and said that a spouse denying sex for a long time without proper reason is mental cruelty. Having said that, the High Court found fault with the verdict given by the family court and gave orders that the petitioner should be given a divorce.

The case is of a couple who got married a few decades back. Back in the 1990s, the couple decided to agree to get separated. The man got remarried, but the divorce was not granted and he moved the court.

In the Family court, the petitioner said that his wife did not let him have physical intimacy, and on the same grounds he sought a divorce. But the court canceled the petition. With no option left, he knocked on the doors of the High Court. A bench of judges heard the petition.

A bench of Justices comprising Suneet Kumar and Rajendra Kumar-IV heard the petition and granted the divorce. The bench said that not allowing a spouse for sex without any proper reason is nothing but mental cruelty and on the same ground divorce was granted.

"Undoubtedly, not allowing a spouse for a long time to have sexual intercourse with his or her partner, without sufficient reason, itself amounts to mental cruelty," the bench said.
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