Dimple Hayathi Has Threat, Says His Lawyer!

The rift between actress Dimple Hayathi and DCP is still in the news. Though the issue came out a couple of days back, it is not showing any sign of slowing down. Both parties are making allegations and counter-allegations. Dimple Hayathi even received a summons from the [Police Sttaion in the case.

The actress is not showing any sign of fear and she waged a legal war. On social media, she shared a cryptic message saying that misusing powers won't hide any mistakes. "Misuse of power doesn't hide mistakes," she said.

Dimple Hayathi's lawyer made some sensational comments and said that they received the FIR copy and mentioned the doubts he has in the case. He asked where are the pieces of evidence in the case as mentioned in the FIR copy. Paul Narayana, her lawyer addressed the media.

Will the government vehicles get any cover? He asked. The lawyer asked where is the driver who complained. The DCP is talking about the case. But what about the driver?

He alleged that DCP misbehaved with Dimple and he is trying his best to save himself from the case and even misusing the powers. When Dimple went to register a case, she was made to sit there for a long time which is not good he said. Dimple is fearing what would happen and she is in depression.

The lawyer said that unidentified people are roaming near her house and she is getting calls from unknown numbers. Paul Narayana even said that she is having threats. His comments created a sensation and he said this in front of the media.
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