Telangana Woman Kills Self In London!

Moving abroad from India to pursue higher studies is a lengthy process and a costly affair as well.  People take loans for this and end up doing part-time jobs there so that the loan taken here can be cleared. Sometimes the loan becomes a big burden and people take extreme steps.

One such thing happened in London when a Telangana woman reportedly ended her life by suicide. It is said that she could not take the burden of loans and other expenses. She took the extreme step and ended her life by suicide. Her family and friends are shocked by this.

Going into details, Shravani Baswaraju, who is from Pochammamaidan in Warangal is pursuing her higher studies in London. She is a student of the Bloomsbury Institute and a student of  M.Sc (Management). Financial issues are said to be the reason behind her shocking decision.

As she has to take care of University fees in London and other expenses and pay the loan back in India, Shravani could not manage the expenses. Due to the stress and burden of loans, she reportedly took the extreme step. Her shocking demise surprised her friends there who say Sharavani is a calm-going girl.

Talking about her family details, Shravani's parents come from a humble background. While her father is working, her mother is a homemaker.Seeing the condition of Sharvani, a fundraising campaign was raised there so that her mortal remains can be sent to India. The money raised through this will be sent to her family to support them in this tough time.
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