'2018' Movie Review

Cast: Tovino Thomas, Laal, Asif Ali, Narain, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Kunchacko Boban, Sudheesh, Aju Varghese, Kalaiyarasan, Harikrishnan, Aparna Balamurali, Tanvi Ram and others.

Music: Nobin Paul

Cinematography: Akhil George

Editor: Chaman Chakko

Producer: Venu Kunnappillu, CK Padma Kumar, Anto Joseph

Writer - Director: Jude Anthany Joseph

'2018' is a film that was released recently in Malayalam and became a phenomenal hit. Geetha Arts banner which released quality dubbing films like 'Kantara' and 'Vidudhala' are releasing '2018' too. With Tovino Thomas as the lead, the movie garnered decent buzz. Let us wait and see how the movie turned out.


This movie revolves around the massive floods which affected Kerala in 2018. A soldier who returned from the army, a fisherman family who gets looked down in their society, a taxi driver who works for the tourists, a person who stays away from his wife and works in Dubai for money, a truck driver who is bringing explosives from Tamil Nadu to Kerala and others get stuck in the floods. How do they come out this? How will their lives get affected? What happened at the end forms the rest of the story.


Survival drama is a genre that has been giving a lot of success to the makers for decades. A lot of Hollywood genres came in this genre and proved to be successful. Inspired by them, a lot of survival dramas arrived in India as well. With movies like 'Dasavataram' and 'Vedam', the audience have gotten used to this genre. Showing different stories simultaneously and bringing them together in the climax thereby everyone trying to survive together is a major theme of these movies. It teaches that life is very valuable and humanity is greater than all our differences. '2018' is one such movie and Jude Anthany Joseph picked the Kerala floods backdrop for this movie. Despite having market limitations and budget restrictions, showcasing the floods in a very realistic manner is the highlight of this movie. In the second half, the audience are put through an emotional ride and no matter the language, everyone gets emotionally invested in the movie. '2018' which appears like a decent film till a certain stage goes to the next level in the second half.

Despite the movie taking place in Kerala, the topics which were dealt with in '2018' were universal. When we watched the news of the Kerala floods in papers and news channels, it might have not affected us a lot but people who lived there know the impact it had on the lives of people. While watching '2018', we get a feeling that we ourselves are stuck in these floods and the makers should be commended for giving such an experience to audience. We don't feel that these are settings, or graphics at any given point. Jude Anthany showed the scenes in the most realistic way possible. One wonders how they made such a wonderful movie with such a limited budget. The visual effects and the set work is definitely applause-worthy.

Looking at the story, '2018' is not a new story and runs in a similar pattern of every survival drama. All the characters are introduced separately and some light-hearted scenes are showcased followed by a few emotional sequences in the first half. Until the floods start, one fails to understand what is so special about this movie. But the impact of floods, how it destroys everything, how people react to it, how people protect each other and everything was shown in a very touching fashion. The highlight of the second half is definitely saving a pregnant woman by taking her to a helicopter. A person who leaves the army in fear puts his life in danger to protect everyone and this thread is showcased amazingly. The ending to this character will leave you emotional. There are some other beautiful scenes too. Had all the characters too had some impactful scenes, the film would have turned into a masterpiece. Some fine actors have been underutilized. Also, the media and government have been showcased in a poor light. The common people are shown as heroes and some of them the scenes are a bit too exaggerated. The first half could have been a bit better but people who like survival dramas will definitely like '2018'.


Tovino Thomas grew into a crazy actor in Malayalam over the last few years. He reached to the Telugu audience through the dubbing films catalog in 'Aha' platform. Keeping the star hero image aside, his ability to impress with versatile roles is his biggest strength. He did the same with '2018' too and we don't get a feeling that he is a hero at any point in time. He impresses big time as a guy who turns into the 'real hero' at the end. Tanvi Ram looked good as a pair to Tovino Thomas and Boban did a very good job despite not getting a lot of screen time. The character of Laal arrests you and Asif Ali along with Narain did a splendid job. Kalai Arasan too showcased his worth. Aparna Balamurali and Vineeth Srinivasan were okay.


There are a lot of great technicians behind the immaculate output of '2018'. We should really appreciate the efforts of production designers and visual effects officials. They proved that it is possible to give brilliant visuals with brilliance and proper planning despite having a limited budget. Nobin Paul's background score and Asif George's visuals are simply amazing. They leave a huge impact on the audience. Director Jude Anthony Joseph did a lot of research, carved tremendous characters and prepared an almost perfect script. He was able to bring the best out of his actors. All of them combined to give a great output. More than the writer, it is the director who got highlighted the most in this movie.

Verdict: '2018' - A Flood Of Emotions!

Rating: 3/5

Disclaimer : This Review is Just An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theater
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