'Ugram' Movie Review


Cast: Allari Naresh, Mirnaa, Sarath Lohitaswa, Shatru, Indraja and others

Music: Sri Charan Pakala

Cinematography: Siddharth

Story: Toom Venkat

Dialogues: Abburi Ravi

Producer: Sahu Garapati & Harish Peddi

Screenplay - Direction: Vijay Kanakamedala

Allari Naresh is regarded as the C/o address for comedy movies at one point in time. His movies offered a lot of entertainment and guaranteed profits to the producers. But things went downhill in the past few years. He decided to change his image and made movies like 'Naandi' which got a very good response. He teamed up with that film's director Vijay Kanakamedala once again and arrived with 'Ugram' this time. He plays the role of an aggressive police officer in this flick. Let us dive into the review to find out about the movie right now.


Shiva (Naresh) is an honest and sincere police officer. He works as a CI in Hyderabad and he loves his job more than his wife and kids. His wife Aparna (Mirnaa) gets frustrated with him as he puts his job in front of everything else. She decides to take their kid and go to her parents' house for some time. Looking at her anger, Shiva decides to drop her at her parents' house. On their way to Warangal, they face a huge accident and Shiva loses his mental balance. At the same time, his wife and kids disappear. He imagines that he admitted his wife and kids at the hospital. Keeping his situation in mind, what will he do to get his loved ones back and what is the reason for their disappearance forms the rest of the story.


'Ugram' attracted everyone with its teaser and trailer. Knowing the image Naresh used to have, they were stunned to see his transformation in this movie. Everyone thought that his aggression will be the biggest plus of this movie. But the movie's story and the angry and aggressive Naresh's role did not match at all. In fact, his characterization has turned out to be a bit minus to the movie. Just like his first movie 'Naandhi', director Vijay Kanakamedala selected a different story for 'Ugram'. He added some good twists and turns to keep the audience's interest alive. But fitting in the character of an aggressive hero into this story has turned out to be a harder task than expected. 'Ugram' would have been a better movie if the character of Naresh has been presented in a simple manner and the story gets the main attention. Though it is not on the level of 'Naandhi', 'Ugram' is still a well-made film.

Looking at the story, it is a bit similar to Samantha's 'Yashoda'. That movie revolves around medical scam through surrogacy while this movie is about a team who kidnap lonely people and make money. The process of kidnapping people, their plans and the hero's process to catch them have been dealt with very nicely. Though there are a few things that are a bit unconvincing, the story keeps you hooked. But 'Ugram' suffers due to the unnecessary injection of hero elevations and other commercial elements. The hero is in search of his wife and kids. The movie is in a very serious mode and the audience are completely invested but a song comes out of nowhere to spoil the mood entirely. On top of that, Naresh's role leaves a lot to be desired. We don't understand why he goes ballistic with anger every time and does things without actually thinking through at places. There is no logic behind it as one can be angry and punish the baddies but still be within his limits.

We can understand if the hero kills people without any problem in commercial movies but movies with such realistic storytelling needs to be dealt in a proper fashion. Including unnecessary heroism plays the spoilsport. In one scene, the hero goes and kills four people with his gun just because they abused his wife. Naresh's character behaves with unnecessary aggression throughout the movie. Despite the good makeover and honest effort from Naresh, seeing him in such a violent fashion doesn't create a positive impact. Leaving his character aside, the story and screenplay of 'Ugram' is quite good. The back-and-forth way of storytelling helps the director in maintaining the suspense. Though the love track and marriage appear quite regular, the eve-teasing track and the track involving Hijras will engage the audience. The way the hero solves the kidnapping case is also impressive. The movie moves at a quick pace and manages to hold your interest throughout. Despite a few flaws, the audience leave the theatre with a good feeling and will not regret anything.


After 'Naandi', Naresh surprises you once again with his acting in this film. It looks like we can take 'Allari' out of his name now. He appeared very fierce and violent in this movie. There is nothing to find fault in his performance. But the way the director etched out his character had some flaws. The character is very violent but Naresh's voice did not generate the same intensity. He should have tried a different modulation. Heroine Mirnaa is good and she gets an important role in the story. She gave a decent performance in the movie and the actor who played the villain's role is ok. Indraja, Sarath Lohitasya did justice to their characters.


Sri charan Pakala is known for giving killer BGM to thriller movies and he tried his best to elevate 'Ugram' with his music. The background score is fantastic but the songs act as speed breakers. Siddharth's camerawork is appreciable and the production values are adequate. Toom Venkat's story is the biggest strength of 'Ugram'.

Vijay Kanakamedala extracts good performances from his actors and the way he handled the subject is nice. The screenplay is fine but he did not ready the necessary ingredients to make this film into a two and half hour long affair. The movie should have been made like an engaging thriller but unnecessary hero elevations and commercial elements acted as roadblocks to the movie. As a director, Vijay gets decent marks.

Verdict: 'Ugram' – Can Watch It For Story & Some Thrills!

Rating: 2.75/5

Disclaimer : This Review is Just An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theater
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