'Agent' Movie Review


Cast: Akkineni Akhil, Sakshi Vaidya, Mammootty, Dino Morea, Sampath, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Murali Sharma, Posani Krishna Murali and others.

Music: Hip Hop Tamizha

Cinematography: Rasool Yellore

Producer: Anil Sunkara

Story: Vakkantham Vamsi

Screenplay - Direction: Surender Reddy

Young hero Akkineni Akhil scored his first hit with 'Most Eligible Bachelor' and he is back on the big screens with a spy thriller named 'Agent'. He got a complete makeover this time and is now aiming for a mass image with this action flick. The trailer raised the expectations heavily and Surender Reddy directing it increased the hype even more. Sakshi Vaidya is making her debut as a heroine while legendary actor Mammootty played a crucial role. The movie has hit the screens and let us see how it turned out.


Ramakrishna alias Ricky (Akkineni Akhil) wanted to become a secret agent right from his childhood. He learns every trick in the book and writes the 'RAW' examination three times. But he gets rejected every time which makes him hack into RAW head Mahadev alias Devil's (Mammootty) system. Ricky manages to get Devil's attention and asks the officer to turn him into a Spy. But Mahadev rejects him saying that he doesn't have a single quality to become a spy but he ends up selecting Ricky as a spy to get a hold of God (Dino Morea) who became a huge threat to India and other countries. What made Mahadev select Ricky as a spy? What happens after that? How did Ricky face all the challenges? Answers to all these questions form the rest of the story.


The hero often keeps saying that he is 'Wild'. His father too keeps wondering how he gave birth to such a 'Wild' fellow. The heroine calls him 'Wild Saala' after meeting him for the first time. Even the RAW chief asks why he is such a 'Wild' man. The villain often keeps referring to the hero as 'Wild' throughout the movie. On top of everything, hero keeps on saying that he is very unpredictable and doesn't even know what he does next. All the characters go on and on about how unpredictable the hero is. The audience have to feel that the hero is 'Wild' by looking at his behavior and adventures on the big screen but all the characters keep on shouting 'Wild' on every given occasion and pressure the audience into feeling the same way. This explains how Akhil's 'Agent' turned out. Akhil may have worked day and night from this film and underwent a lot of transformation for 'Agent'. But the movie turned out as disappointing and artificial as his look. This is the bitter truth everyone needs to accept.

Hero who wants to become a spy since childhood learns a lot of languages and studies many things. He gets equipped with fighting skills and does many adventures too. But he gets rejected as the RAW chief claims that the hero doesn't have a single quality required to become an 'Agent'. The movie claims to be a spy thriller but at no point do we get that feeling. It looks like the makers deliberately designed Akhil's character in a way that it stands as an example of how a spy should not be. While everyone expects a spy to be discrete and mature while being focused on the mission at all times, the hero keeps going on and on about becoming a spy like a kid. He directly hacks the system of the RAW chief after getting rejected. When the chief points out at a guy and asks the hero if he could kill him, the hero instantly goes and kills him without a question. Impressed with this, the chief appoints him as an agent. When he was asked to become friends with a minister, the hero goes and instantly kills him and the rowdy gang beside him. While the goons are armed with heavy machinery, the hero gets down with just two guns and kills everyone while dancing to the songs playing in the headphones.

The makers would have felt that they were giving a crazy experience to the audience, it turned out to be very silly and comic at the end. One does not expect a lot of logic from mass movies but such illogicalness in story, screenplay, characters and execution leaves the viewers speechless. The movie faltered in the villain character design itself. When the RAW chief takes an orphan under his wings and turns him into a No.1 agent, he ended up becoming a huge mafia don. The reason for it is because the RAW chief killed his lover knowing that she is a rival country's spy.

The RAW chief then unleashes a rogue person like a hero to stop the villain. No one can predict what the hero does next and the villain's motives are unimaginable. Similar to 'Thuppaki', the 'Agent' team created a few scenes revolving 'Super Cells' and it is better not to discuss about how it turned out. The first half was a bit exciting in terms of story and a few sequences. But the adventures and feats of hero after entering the mission becomes unbearable after a point. One fails to understand where the story is headed and after a certain point, people lose interest in keeping track of what is going on. The climax is quite painful and gives a headache to the viewers. On the whole, 'Agent' has a lot of grandeur but lacks logic and substance.


The hard work of Akhil is clearly visible on the screen. No other actor in Tollywood may have transformed himself so much for a film. But the hard truth is that Akhil's look in this movie did not suit him at all. It is high time Akhil realises that a makeover will not help him in getting a mass image. Akhil scores average marks when it comes to acting. He needs to improve a lot when it comes to expressions and dialogue delivery.

Heroine Sakshi Vaidya looked very beautiful onscreen but she did not have a lot of scope to perform. Mammootty's role does not match his stature as an actor. In a film where everyone is a bit loud and over the top, it is the Malayalam star hero who acted normally. Despite the poor characterisation, he manages to leave a mark with his acting and screen presence. Dino Morea did not look like the best option for the villain's role. We could not connect to his character. Noted actors like Murali Sharma, Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar, Posani, Sampathy and others were there just for name sake and did not have much to do in the movie.


Hip Hop Tamizha is a talented musician but his work proved to be the biggest minus in this movie. None of his songs were appealing and one fails to understand how he gave such below-par output and how Surender Reddy accepted them. The visuals are equally bad and the romantic duet between the hero and heroine is just a torture to watch. His background score did not help 'Agent' at all. Rasool Yellore's camerawork is decent and delivered some cool visuals. Anil Sunkara did not compromise at all when it comes to spending money. The production design is amazing and all the team's effort is visible on the big screen.

Vakkantham Vamsi's story had a lot of loopholes. He penned a story that does not have a lot of grip. This illogical story has been executed with equal illogicalness by Surender Reddy. The over-the-top narration did not suit this genre. People who got accustomed to seeing spy thrillers like 'Goodachari' and 'Thuppakki' will be severely disappointed with 'Agent'. Surender Reddy succeeded in showcasing to everyone how a spy thriller should not be made. This movie stands next to 'KICK 2' in the list of weak films from Surender Reddy.

Verdict: 'Agent' Misfires Completely!

Rating: 2/5
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