Save The Tigers

'Save The Tigers' OTT Review

Cast: Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatam, Krishna Chaitanya, Pavani Gangireddy, Hymavathi, Deviyani, Rohini, Srikanth Iyengar, Harshavardhan and others.

DOP: SV Vishwashwar

Music: Ajay Arasada

Writer: Pradeep Advaitham, Vijay Namoju & Anand Karthik

Director: Teja Kakumanu

Creators: Mahi V Raghav & Pradeep Advaitham

After making films like 'Paathasaala', 'Anando Brahma' and 'Yatra', talented director Mahi V Raghav have turned creator of a Telugu comedy web series named 'Save The Tigers'. Starring Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatham and Krishna Chaitanya in the lead, the trailer of this series created a lot of interest. The series is now streaming on Disney + Hotstar and let us dive into the review straightaway.


The story revolves around three married men Ghanta Ravi (Priyadarshi) who is a dairy farm owner, Vikram (Krishna Chaitanya) who works in an ad agency and Rahul (Abhinav Gomatham) who is an aspiring writer. They meet at a Mother's Day event in the school where their children study. They form an instant friendship and the common topic between them is their troubles with their wives. Each of them deals with their own set of issues and they end up in a Drunk & Drive case. Stuck in a police station, they narrate their stories to the ACP. In the meanwhile, a star actress goes missing on the same night these three get arrested in a drunk and drive case. What happens after that? What made them drink together that night? What will the self-proclaimed 'Tigers' do next forms the rest of the story.


It has been a very long time since we have seen a simple and entertaining web series in Telugu. Most of the makers are churning out thrillers or horror dramas. But creators Mahi V Raghav and Pradeep Advaitham have decided to come up with a fun series without a lot of twists and turns that you can enjoy after a hectic day at work. They came up with 'Save The Tigers' and referred to married men as 'Tigers' who are becoming extinct these days. The series does not have a solid story and relies a lot on the ability of the lead actors. There are many loopholes in the story and at times you feel like the series is moving nowhere. The writers did not explore the backstory of the lead characters enough and people fail to form an emotional bond with them due to this.

Where the makers succeeded are in making sure that the comedy works out in a wonderful manner. Right from the very first episode, the series gives you a clear idea of what to expect from it. The basic premise and the setting of the three tracks have been established quite well. The rapport and fun catfights between the husbands and wives are the main highlight of the series. Despite looking light-hearted throughout, the makers touched up on some key topics in relationships. Also, they took potshots at pseudo-feminists who create a problem out of everything and bring women empowerment into every topic.

The three main characters were written in a very entertaining way. Priyadarshi's role has an emotional side too which adds a certain depth to his story. As said before, the layers of the characters were not explored well but having Abhinav Gomatham, Priyadarshi and Krishna Chaitanya in the lead covered up a lot of flaws in the writing department. They elevated a lot of dull moments too and the supporting cast too did a brilliant job. The comedy scenes written for Abinav are definitely the biggest plus points as they definitely tickle your funny bones.

The only problem with the series is that it does not have a strong story and leaves a lot for the second season. After delivering what is expected in five episodes, the finale leaves a lot to be desired. People who are curious to see what happens in the lives of these three will be left hanging and one feels like the heroine thread is forced on the viewers in order to sustain their interest for the second season. The last episode has definitely fallen below expectations but 'Save The Tigers' is definitely worth a watch for good entertainment and delightful performances which overshadow a lot of its loopholes.  


It is safe to say that the casting has been on point in this 6-episode comedy series. Priyadarshi gets a very good role and gives his best as a local dairy farm owner. His diction and comedy timing are on point and his character has an emotional side too. The talented actor delivered a commendable performance. Abhinav Gomatham is definitely the scene stealer. He hogs the limelight whenever he appears on the screen. His subtle expressions and funny dialogue delivery are perfect. His portions are a complete laugh riot and his scenes with 'Jabardasth' fame Rohini will definitely leave you in splits. Krishna Chaitanya too did well as the soft-spoken husband and shows his acting skills quite well.

Jordaar Sujatha did complete justice to her role as Priyadarshi's wife and complimented him well. Pavani Gangireddy is decent while Deviyani as a feminist lawyer looks very convincing. As said before, Rohini gets a meaty role and she is quite hilarious. Gangavva made her presence felt in the brief role while Satya Krishnan did a commendable job as a psychologist. The rest of the actors did a good job as well.


The background score is decent and compliments the genre of the series. The editing work is quite good as they kept the series crisp and compact without dragging it a lot. The camera work is okay and presents the series in a pleasant tone without a lot of experimentation. The production values are decent while the writing excelled in major parts. The comedy scenes come out wonderfully and they did not cross the line at any point.

Director Teja Kakumanu showed his prowess in extracting very good performances from his lead actors. He dealt the series in a very entertaining manner despite a few logics missing here and there. There are not many highs and lows in this series and the director could have handled it better. Creators Mahi V Raghav and Pradeep Advaitham turned a decent plot into a fun web series. The series is sure to impress the audience despite its shortcomings.

Verdict: An Entertaining Series With Wafer Thin Story!
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