Movie Review :'Rudrudu'

Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Sharath Kumar, Nassar, Kaali Venkat and others.

Music: GV Prakash Kumar

Background Score: Sam CS

Cinematography: RD Rajasekhar

Dialogues: Rajesh Murthy

Story: Thirumaran

Producer - Director: Kadiresan

Raghava Lawrence is a name that needs no introduction. The senior star choreographer turned into a director and become an actor as well. Apart from acting and directing his own movies, he works as an actor in other films as well. He played the hero role in 'Rudrudu' which was produced and directed by Tamil filmmaker Kadiresan. Let us see if Lawrence managed to impress the audience or not.


Rudra (Raghava Lawrence) is a youngster who completes his studies and becomes a software employee. He lives a happy life with his parents and gets ready to marry his lover Ananya (Priya Bhavani Shankar). But his life starts crumbling in front of his own eyes. Rudra's father dies when his friend cheats him and heavy debts fall on him. Rudra takes the family responsibility and Ananya marries him and stays by his side during the tough times. When Rudra goes to London and works hard to clear the debts, his mother dies and Rudra returns to India only to find out that Ananya is missing as well. What did Rudra do then forms the rest of the story.


Raghava Lawrence is synonymous with oora mass masala films. His own horror comedies are quite loud but some of them are bearable. The movies he does as a hero are routine to the core. Many wondered how one could make such an outdated film just by looking at the trailer of 'Rudrudu'. Knowing Lawrence's taste and watching the trailer makes you get prepared for a routine masala movie but you realize that it is even worse than expected. We are not downgrading mass movies but the commercial flicks which run predictably should have a decent story. There needs to be a pinch of freshness in youth film and the narration has to be somewhat interesting. But none of those things are present in 'Rudrudu'. You are guaranteed to get a headache after watching Lawrence's unstoppable heroics on the big screen.

Brahmanandam who plays the director's role in 'Neninthe' says that 'Public Wants That Athi'. Seems like the entire team gathered together and decided to take this line as a reference to their film. Everything is over-the-top in this movie. Hero is a software employee but breaks the bones of 50 goons as a part of his revenge and throws them a pile of garbage. Villain goes to a dead body and throws away garlands, breaks the ice box and removes the dress on the body just to see how many stab wounds he got. There were the scenes used to elevate heroism and villainism. Only Kadiresan could manage to showcase such overblown in romantic and sentiment scenes as well. One cannot explain the scenes in between the hero knowing about his mother's death and completing her last rites. The sentiment in those scenes takes us 30-40 years back. One must appreciate the confidence of the makers to allow such melodramatic scenes and have the belief that they would impress the audience.

The routine mass movie doesn't have a single positive and there is nothing new in this movie. Be it action or comedy or sentiment or romance, the makers filled the film with all such emotions but everything is an overdose. We can witness the outdated vibe of this movie right from the very first frame. Hero makes a grand entry with a huge fight and the bloodshed in this sequence will give nightmares to even hardcore action lovers. The romantic and sentiments along with family emotions test your patience to the fullest. While the visuals are bad enough, the loud music makes things even worse. Even ardent mass commercial movie lovers too cannot bear this movie till the end while the normal audience will find it tough to continue after an hour.


Right from the beginning of his career, Lawrence is known for his over-the-top acting skills. This reaches a whole new level in 'Rudrudu'. His acting can be used as a reference to 'overaction' for any new acting students. His performance in sentimental scenes is way too dramatic. It is only Priya Bhavani Shankar who does a good job in the movie. Though she did not fit the role of Lawrence's onscreen wife, she looked beautiful and performed quite well. There is nothing special in Sharath Kumar's villainy and Nassar is very ordinary too. A good actor like Kaali Venkat too couldn't impress the audience.


One cannot believe that GV Prakash Kumar gave the music for 'Rudrudu'. The young composer is known for his soulful and energetic tracks but it looks like even he failed to understand how to compose for such a subject. His songs were all over the place and Sam CS's background score is surely damaging to the ears. In the name of mass, he delivered noise pollution and the scores are way too disturbing. There is nothing to talk about the story and the cinematography is very ordinary as well. Director and producer Kadiresan should have belonged to the 80s and 90s as his movie is quite outdated for current times.

Verdict: 'Rudrudu' turns out to be a routine mess!


Disclaimer : This Review is Just An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theater
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