'Meter' Movie Review:

Cast: Kiran Abbavaram, Athulya Ravi, Sapathagiri, Vinay Varma, Prudhvi, Posani Krishna Murali and others

Music: Sai Kartheek

Cinematography: Venkat C Dileep

Writer: Surya

Producer: Chiranjeevi – Hemalatha Peddamallu

Director: Ramesh Kaduri

Irrespective of the hits and failures, young hero Kiran Abbavaram is making one film after the other at a rapid pace. He released 3-4 movies last year and his last outing 'Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha' released in February. He is back with 'Meter' in the first week of May. The trailer promised that the movie is going to be a complete action-packed commercial entertainer. Let us see how it turned out.


Arjun Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram) is the son of a police constable. His father wants Arjun to become a sincere police officer while the hero wants to stay away from the police department since he sees the hardships of his father daily. But he ends up becoming the SI and gets a good name without even trying. He tries his best to get dismissed from his job and becomes successful with the help of Home Minister Bairreddy. In this process, he ends up hurting his dad who goes into a coma and another person dies. This brings a change in Arjun's heart and he becomes the police officer that is dad always wanted him to be. He locks horns with Home Minister and who wins the battle forms the rest of the story.


People normally say that a book's value should never be judged by its cover. Everyone who saw the trailer of 'Meter' were convinced that it is a routine mass masala flick but Mythri Movie Makers brand and Kiran's craze made the audience doubt themselves. They thought that the movie will somehow surprise them but realisation hits them quickly within the first few minutes. One fails to understand how a banner like Mythri Movie Makers who are producing a movie like 'Pushpa' with hundreds of crores come up with a film like 'Meter'. This movie would have looked very outdated even if it arrived during the early 2000s. One should appreciate the belief of 'Meter' makers is trying to impress the audience with an outdated commercial concept where a police and politician go head-to-head. There is not even a single scene where you feel that it is something new or refreshing.

In Telugu commercial cinema, heroes lock horns with people who are way above their level. No matter how big he is, heroes challenge the powerful villain and end up crushing them. Though the audience knows not to expect a lot of logic from these kinds of films, the movie should never be outrageous. There is no limit to what the hero does in 'Meter'. Hero doesn't apply to the SI job but he ends up getting the appointment letter. Despite doing nothing, he gets the credit for catching a drug mafia. Even a capture of the terrorist group falls under his credit. A person of the Home Minister's stature calls a small SI for solving a problem. Hero even kidnaps Home Minister's son so easily and even DGP who tries to find him gets kidnapped by the hero. This sounds silly on paper and imagine how sillier it would have been on the big screen.

Starting from the hero characterization, everyone's role is etched very poorly. The heroine throws acid on every guy who proposes to her because her sister suffers after marriage. In an attempt to save a guy, the heroine's father himself becomes an acid victim. 30 years Prudhvi becomes Goutham Raju after getting surgery. This is all supposed to be a comedy and one wonders how these ideas were put on paper by the writers. Such a heroine falls for the hero who does nothing but dance to a love song. If this is the love track, imagine how the hero and villain episodes would have been. These kinds of films are a problem to the audience in theatres but Mythri Movie Makers taking up this film and Kiran Abbavaram doing it willingly is very strange.


Before speaking about Kiran's action, we need to talk about how he rapidly spoiled his own craze and reputation. His judgment is quite poor and movies like 'Sebastian', 'Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalisina Vadini' and 'Meter' stand as big examples. If the audience stops trusting him, it is completely going to be his responsibility. He looked different from the rest during the initial stages but he is not showing any versatility in his acting. With the same expressions and slang, he is boring the audience lately. There is not even one scene in 'Meter' where we get impressed with his acting skills. Heroine Athulya Ravi's acting is not impressive at all though she looks like a good match for Kiran Abbavaram. There is nothing to talk about the villain and a talent like Vinay Varma is completely wasted in this flick. Sapthagiri tried to bring a few laughs and gave his best shot. Actors like Posani and others looked and did a very ordinary job.


There is nothing great to talk about the technical quality in 'Meter'. Sai Kartheek is completely out of form and his songs in this film explain why. His background score lacked any impact too. Venkat C Dilip's cinematography is okay and he provided the visuals that you expect from a routine commercial flick. There is the logo of Mythri Movie Makers on the poster but the production values are nowhere near their standards. The compromise in locations and other aspects is clearly visible. Neither Surya's writing nor Ramesh Kaduri's direction were impressive. We can feel the 'outdated' style in every frame of this film.

Verdict: 'Meter' Did Not Work At All!

Rating: 1/5
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