Is YS Jagan trying to become Arvind Kejriwal?

Is Jagan planning to emerge as AP's Kejriwal? Insiders say that Team PK has advised YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to emulate some of the success formulas that Kejriwal has adopted to win the elections in 2019.  Hence, YS Jagan is reportedly trying to introduce some of those schemes in Andhra Pradesh, which will go to polls next year.

Kejri's success formulas like Mohalla Clinics and refurbished Government schools can help win the votes of the middle class and the low income groups. Kejriwal employed a great publicity strategy to win over these sections with the help of these schemes. They played a key role in building up an aura for Kejriwal. Jagan is now said to be planning to introduce a similar scheme. A massive publicity blitzkrieg too is reportedly being planned.

Sources say that like Kejriwal, Jagan is also said to be planning to provide free drinking water up to 200 litres. This was another success formula that Kejriwal effectively employed and reaped. If sources are to be believed, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is planning to implement all these three programmes in a big way.

But some analysts want Jagan to be cautious as these three schemes could end up as duds in Andhra Pradesh. While Delhi was a completely urban setting and is a city-province, AP has more area, more diversity and more risk factors. Can Jagan do what Arvind Kejriwal do given the difference in terrain, system and populational divergence, they ask.
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