Political Heat Increases In Amaravati With Attack On BJP Leader!

Amaravati is a sensitive matter in Andhra Pradesh. While the farmers and people in the Amaravati region are fighting to have a capital there, the ruling YSRCP has different plans as it wants to have three capitals for the state. The Andhra Pradesh government is very adamant about this and is giving its best for this.

The Amaravati region saw the political heat increasing with the attack against BJP National Secretary Satya Kumar. The leader came to Amaravati to stand in solidarity with the farmers who are fighting for the capital city. However, his car was attacked by a few unidentified men.

A few people reportedly pelted stones at the vehicle and raised slogans supporting three capitals. The issue raised a sensation in the region. The cops reached the post to bring the situation under control and take the protestors into custody.

Advisor to the Andhra Pradesh government Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy reacted to the issue and said that the ruling party has no link to this and that attacking others is not the party style. He even asked what is the need for the party to attack the BJP leader.

Sajjala also slammed the Amaravati protest and called it a planned one. He said that only a few real estate people are behind the protest and the Telugu Desam Party has vested interests if the capital city comes there.

He went on to say that Chandrababu Naidu is gathering everyone together to come to power. Sajjala also said that they are trying to present Amaravati as a real protest for political gains.
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