Mrunal Says That She Did Not Have Any Support Then!

Gorgeous girl Mrunal Thakur who is promoting her upcoming film 'Gumrah' has revealed some interesting snippets about her initial days in the film industry. She stated that her family did not support the decision of entering the film industry as they feared about the problems she might face in Bollywood.

She stated, "I have to thank my parents for what I have achieved today because they were fearful about the industry and its atmosphere. They did agree to my decision of entering movie industry but they realised my passion. After working in serials for some time, I have entered Marathi films. They are happy about the characters I picked till date and they are proud of me."

Talking about her upcoming film with Nani, she said, "I am doing this film with Nani, which is a beautiful script that I have ever read and I am extremely proud to be associated with the entire team. It's director Shouryuv's debut film. I think I'm extremely blessed to have gotten that role and it wouldn't be possible if I had not done Sita (Ramam)."

She further added, "It (Sita) has already set a benchmark so high that even today when filmmakers approach me or when I tell them 'Sir, I'm excited to work with you', all they say is 'Amma please wait for some time because there is nothing nice or as big as Sita Ramam that's been made or written yet. So we want you to hold on and good scripts will come."
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