Minister Seediri Says It's Ok Even If He Loses Ministry!

Seediri Appalaraju became big news to the media on March 31st morning. March 31st is the last day of the financial year. Things are different in Andhra Pradesh. So he became the news as the mainstream media and social media are covering him from the morning as a piece of breaking news.

The media is giving big coverage to the news as Seediri Appalaraju got a call from the CMO and he might lose his Ministry. But the Minister is in Vijayawada now. Seediri told the media that he came to participate in the mourning event of Doctor Acchenna, who was killed in Kadapa.

He said that no one called him from the CMO. The Minister also expressed his shock over reports of his losing his position. He also said that he has no information that he would be replaced as the Minister.

Interestingly, Seediri said that it is ok even if Jagan feels like he wants to remove him from the Ministry. He said that he is interested in doing public service more than the Ministry. He is saying that MLAs in the YCP are all Ministers.

He credited Jagan for making him coming from a backward class a Cabinet Minister. The Cabinet Minister is in Vijayawada only. He rushed to Vijayawada from Srikakulam. Moreover, it is reported that he got a call from the CMO.

However, it is said that at least four or five Ministers are in danger of losing their posts. Seediri Appalaraju, who is the second Minister from the Srikakulam region is one among them. Reports say that people in the Palasa constituency represented by him are not happy with him. Moreover, he could not shine as a Cabinet Minister.

On the other hand, internal fights are at peaks in Palasa YSRCP. The other leaders are demanding that Seediri should not be given a party ticket. It is also said that Seediri would lose the elections even if he was given a ticket.TDP is getting strong in Palasa. So there are chances of Seediri getting replaced. With this, Seediri might be stripped off the Ministry and a ticket would be given to others for the polls. Before this, a new in-charge would be appointed.

Looking at the episode many say that Seediri understood the situation. It may be true that he did not receive a call from the CMO, but it is said that he is among the leaders who are at risk of losing the Ministry. We have to wait and see what happens next.
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