Early Elections Likely In Andhra Pradesh?

Is Everything fixed for early polls in Andhra Pradesh? Are things going on the same path? Well, the answer to this is yes as per the observers. Many support the opinion as Jagan is regularly visiting Delhi from Tadepalli and is altering MLAs and Ministers.

Surprisingly, Jagan visited Delhi two times in the last two weeks contrary to the usual style. Observers say that only a few aspects from the meetings came out, while a few others did not come out. The YCP is saying that the Chief Minister is touring Delhi to get the dues and pending bills from the Centre.

On the other hand, they also say that CM is discussing obstacles of various key projects including Polavaram. They also add that Jagan is putting pressure on Delhi leaders to get the dues and share what Andhra Pradesh should get from the bifurcation.

Jagan is also said to have toured Delhi for political works. The politics heated up in Andhra Pradesh. The MLC polls hinted at what people are thinking about the parties. Even if the episode is seen as a litmus test, the elections showed the anti-image towards the ruling party. The YCP leaders are not taking any risks with this.

The experts say that, though the YCP Ministers and MLAs are saying that the MLC elections have voters in limited numbers they are also having fear somewhere. The YCP leadership rightly predicted that the negativity did not blow totally but it will not take much time for this to happen.

It is hard to stop the negativity if it starts. The opposition is in a good position. It is yet to go to public completely. Nara Lokesh's Padayatra is showing its impact. Nara Lokesh is credited for moving the party leaders and cadre.

The same impact resulted in the YSRCP tasting a big shock in the strong fortress of Rayalaseema. On the other hand, Chandrababu Naidu is also making new strategies. Despite having strength, he is looking at alliances. The Communist parties are also supporting TDP. This helped the party in the MLC polls. Without any alliance, there is a josh in the opposition camp.

If they all come together and roar then it can change the political picture in the state and bring changes. With this, YCP swung into action. The party is not taking the 3 Graduates MLC polls and one MLA Quota MLC defeats lightly.

Looking at the thoughts of YCP leadership, the general elections are slated for commencement in December this year. It wants to go to the polls at the same time. The party thinks that it can have an advantage with this and come to power with a somewhat small majority.

With the YCP making steps in this regard, Jagan is visiting Delhi regularly. Considering all these factors, many say that the early elections are confirmed. The political, social, and financial aspects are helping this. We have to wait and see what happens.
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