Mekapati Family Distances Itself From MLA Chandrasekhar Reddy!

Senior YSRCP MLA Mekapati Chandrasekhar Reddy is a sensation in Andhra Pradesh. He is one of the rebel leaders of the ruling party. The party leadership suspended him. After the suspension, he made some serious comments about the party and staged a protest in Udayagiri. This led to a big tense situation in the region.

After creating a sensation in his constituency, Mekapati Chandrasekhar Reddy suddenly fell ill. It is said that he sustained a heart attack suddenly and the family members called on a doctor. The MLA became the target of the ruling YSRCP as it wants to give him a strong lesson.

Amid this, the Mekapati family stood by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Atmakur MLA Mekapati Vikram Reddy reacted to the issue and slammed Chandrasekhara Reddy. He said that the family is with the CM and Chandrasekhar Reddy is nothing without the image of Jagan and the family stamp.

Ever Since allegations started on Mekapati Chandrasekhara Reddy that he voted for the TDP in the MLC polls, the YSRCP started distancing from him. The YSRCP leaders are daring him to win the next elections without Jagan's image if he has a strong image.

Former Minister Anil Kumar Yadav also dared him to win the election and if he does this then he will leave politics. Anil dared all four rebel MLAs to win the elections. The YSRCP leadership is focusing on having strong alternatives to the four MLAs and in-charges were also appointed in their constituencies.

There are media reports that the four MLAs would join the opposition Telugu Desam Party and run the polls as party leaders. However, nothing is confirmed yet. The TDP leadership is said to be making steps considering various aspects. Three out of the four rebel MLAs are from the Nellore district.

All of a sudden the ruling YSRCP started seeing rebel leaders and they are damaging the party. Mekapati is one of them. But the Mekapati family also distanced itself from him. Mekapati scion Vikram Reddy defended the YCP in this and said that those who cross the line have to pay the price.
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