Unable To Withstand Work Pressure, Hyd Techie Ends Life!

The information Sector is one of the big sectors in the world and Software Engineer is the most sought-after profession. Software employees get big salaries based on their experience and if they get a job abroad then they get even higher salary packages. We can find Indians working as techies in western nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, and others.

This is just one side of the coin. The second side of the coin is that Software Employees go through a lot of work pressure. Several things go through their minds. Software Engineers face many physical and mental issues. Sitting for so long makes them develop some health issues. Mentally too there are some factors.

The work pressure among Software Engineers is something that the employees cannot cope up with. They end up taking extreme steps. In one such unfortunate event, a Software Engineer passed away. Unfortunately, the victim is just 32 years and is married.

One Vinod Kumar who works as a Software Engineer reportedly took the extreme step as he could face the work pressure. He hanged himself at his brother’s house, where he has been living of late. By the time his brother returned home, he found the software engineer hanging.

Vinod Kumar was rushed to the nearby hospital for treatment. But the doctors declared him dead. He has a wife and three daughters. A case has been filed and the investigation is underway.

Vinod Kumar is from Guntur. When a lockdown was imposed due to the Covid outbreak, he worked from his house. With things coming back to normal. employers asked employees to come to the office. Vinod Kumar came to Hyderabad and is living with his brother in Alkapur township.

Things are not going well for the software engineers. The companies are laying off employees to make the workforce short and crisp. Even tech giants like Accenture, Google, Wipro, and others also laid off their employees. A few companies laid off employees for taking up two jobs at the same time.

Many employees are in the fear of a lack of job security. The employees have to upgrade themselves by learning new courses to stay learned. All these factors are making the employees develop new tensions and go through pressures. Techies are taking extreme steps with this. Vinod Kumar is also said to have taken the same step with this.
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