Where have all the Left Parties gone in Telangana?

Time was when the Left parties were bywords for massive agitations. They used to take to streets on every conceivable issue. The marching cadres and their fluttering red flags were a sight to behold. However, of late, the Left parties in Telangana - the CPI and the CPM - have almost forgotten to launch agitations against the acts of omission and commission of the state government.

Even when parties like the BJP and the Congress have taken to streets and small flies like journalist Raghu and Teenmaar Mallanna have raised their voice, the two Left parties were found wanting. There are no agitations, protests and even dharnas. Not only have they announced their unstinted support to the state government, but even supported it in the bypolls.

The Left parties have not spoken on the glaring discrepancies galore in Dharanai scheme,  Go NO 317, the strike by the power sector employees and the question paper leakage in the APPSC examinations. They merely issued statements and kept quiet. In fact, they have openly supported the BRS government despite these issues.

Critics say that the Left parties are seen protesting only against the Central Government. They have openly declared that they would oppose the Central Government as it is led by the BJP. Critics say this visceral hatred for the BJP is guiding the Left parties these days and this is the main reason for not even criticizing the ruling BRS in the state.
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