Shocked Jagan Gets into Action Mode: To convene key meet on April 3

Shocked by successive spate of reversals, YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has convened an all-important meeting with the ministers, MLAs, key leaders and regional coordinators of the party on April 3 to revamp the party big time. He has decided to take concrete steps to set his house in order, say political watchers who are tracking the YSRCP.

Jagan was shocked when his party the YSRCP lost three graduate constituency MLC seats in the recent elections. This is being seen as an indication of the frustration of the educated and the middle class voters with the YSRCP government. As if this was not enough, four of his MLAs cross voted for the TDP and handed out a shock defeat in the MLC elections.

Meanwhile, the party is deeply beset with dissidence at various levels and this is hurting the party most. In fact, the prestigious "Gadapa Gadapaku" programme of the party has fizzled out in several places. Questions are being raised by a cross section of the voters about the condition of the roads in the state and the rising spectre of unemployment.

Jagan is said to be planning to review the implementation of the Gadapa Gadapaku programme. He is also likely to review the party's position in various constituencies. He is likely to provide guidance to the party leaders on how to reach out to the party cadre and the supporters at large. He is also said to be planning to begin review of the party's position at various levels.
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