Dasara's Grand Premiere: Nani's Biggest Opening Yet

Nani has made a massive impact on the South Indian film industry with his latest movie, Dasara. The film has opened to a stunning $637,000 at the US box office, making it the third-highest grossing South Indian movie premiere of 2023 after Veera Simha Reddy and Waltair Veerayya.

Nani's belief in the content of Dasara and Srikanth Odela's direction has paid off rich dividends, as the film's premiere collections are expected to set new records for the actor.

Dasara and Nani's past films have had successful openings, with impressive collections from their premieres.

Dasara – $637,000
Ante Sundaraniki – $236395
Shyam Singha Roy – $133782
MCA – $303981
Jersey – $144687

Nani's aggressive promotion and huge release in the US market have played a significant role in the success of his movies. Dasara's opening collections are a testament to his growing influence in the South Indian film industry and his ability to deliver quality content consistently. The film's success has set high expectations for Nani's next project, as his loyal fan base eagerly awaits his next release.

In summary, Nani's impressive box office numbers with Dasara and his previous movies highlight his immense talent and popularity in the South Indian film industry. With his growing influence and box office potential, it's safe to say that Nani is on his way to becoming a major force to be reckoned with in the industry.
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