BRS calculations don't seem to add up!!

The feelers from the BRS are that the party wants to contest a substantial number of seats in several states in the 2024 elections. If the party insiders are to be believed, the party chief is planning to contest in over 200 MP seats in six states. The states are Chhattisgarh, AP, Maharashtra, Odisha and Karnataka besides Telangana.

Interestingly, someone in the party does not seem to done his mathematics well. Assuming that the BRS will contest all the seats in these states, the number does not go beyond 140 seats. The question is how will it contest 200 seats when the total number of seats in all these six states. Also, the party has no organizational infrastructure in any of these states except perhaps Andhra Pradesh. That being the case, how will it make an impact in these states?

Another factor is in Maharashtra, there are four parties and the BRS will be the fifth party in the fray. In Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, it will be the fourth party in the fray. It will be the third party only in Chhattisgarh – the state where the BJP and the Congress are locked in a direct fight. Given this fact, will it be possible for the BRS to make an impact.

What is more bizarre is that the BRS wants to enter into political alliances with some parties in these states. Thus, who will enter into alliance with the BRS in Odisha and AP – Congress, BJP or Jana Sena or BJP? Will it have an alliance with the Janata Dal secular in Karnataka where the latter’s base is continuously shrinking?
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