Sri Ram Navami Celebrations Turn Chaotic After Fire Breaks!

Today marks the Sri Ram Navami festival, a major festival for Hindus. It is celebrated as the eve of the birth of Prabhu Shri Ram. Devotees started flooding to the temples in the early morning to offer special poojas. Special arrangements were made by the temples seeing the rush.

However, the Sri Rama Navami celebrations in Tanuka led to a tense situation. A fire mishap was reported during the Sri Ram Navami celebrations at the Venugopala Swamy Temple in Tanuku. Thick smoke and fire gripped the area after the fire broke out as per the information.

The media reports say that the leaves on the Pandal set up for the celebrations caught the fire and spread massively. The devotees were shocked looking at the fire. The temple authorities informed the local Police about this and they rushed to the spot for rescue.

Seeing the fire, the cops called the Firefighters to the scene. A few fire tenders worked hard to bring the situation under control. However, it is said that no casualties were reported in the mishap, despite a few devotees sustaining small injuries.

The visuals from the temple show thick fire spreading rapidly and people running in fear. People also took part in the rescue operation and helped bring the situation under control.
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