What Is The Definition Of Pan India Parties?

The term Pan-India is the current phenomenon for films. After the Baahubali film was made more and more films are coming from the southern industry. RRR and Kantara are recent examples of this. The Pan-India craze is slowly catching up the politics as well.

The political parties are showing interest to became Pan-Indian ones. None other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about this. Drawing a comparison between other parties, Narendra Modi said that the Bharatiya Janata Party is a pan-India party. He said this while recalling the rise of the party.

Narendra Modi said that in South, North, East, and West, BJP is the only Pan-India party in the country as the party has dedicated party workers who made valuable sacrifices in making the party one of the biggest ones. With the contributions, BJP rose to 303 seats from two seats.

"BJP started its journey from just two Lok Sabha seats and reached 303 in 2019. In many of the states, we get more than 50 percent votes," the Prime Minister said.

Well BJP is not the first party to talk about the Pan-India model. Earlier Telangana IT Minister KTR also spoke about this. Talking about the BRS party’s plans to expand itself, KTR said that like how Telugu heroes are doing Pan-India films, his party will also become a Pan-India one.

As the parties are talking about the Pan-India parties, everyone has a doubt, what makes a party, a Pan-India one? What is the operational definition of a Pan-India film? These are the doubts many have in their minds. Surprisingly, there is no answer to this.

If we try to understand the Pan-India film, a film is seen as a Pan-India film when it enjoys good success across the nation. Films are made in one language and then dubbed into other languages.

Putting the same logic to political parties, outfits that become successful in the country should be seen as Pan-India parties. So only the national parties have a foot in different states and they should be seen as Pan-Indin ones. Congress is in a big crisis and only BJP is in a strong position.
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