BJP Is Doing The Same What Congress Did With Central Agencies?

The Bharatiya Janata Party came to power in 2014. It won the 2018 polls and is aiming to win the 2024 polls as well to record a hattrick. After coming to power, the BJP has been facing severe criticism for misusing the central agencies to target its opponents.

All the opposition parties are saying that the BJP is targeting its opponents with the agencies. There is a big uproar in the country on this. The opposition parties and like-minded parties in the country which are against the BJP are targeting it on the same issue. There is a reason for this, only the leaders of opposition parties are being targeted by the central agencies.

Amid the uproar, Union Home Minister Amit Shah made some shocking on the Central Bureau of Investigation investigation he faced and how the agency put pressure on him to take the name of Narendra Modi in an encounter case. He alleged that the agency tried to frame Narendra Modi in the case.

Recalling his days as the Home Minister of Gujarat during the regime of Narendra Modi. Amit Shah said that the agencies were misused and he became the victim of this as the CBI arrested him in an encounter case and the agency put pressure on him to take the name of Narendra Modi.

Talking about the case, it goes back to 2005, when a person named Sohrabuddin Sheikh was killed by an SIT comprising Gujarat and Rajasthan police. The case created a big sensation in the state as many blamed the then BJP government and Amit Shah.

As Amit Shah faced many allegations as the Home Minister, he was arrested by the CBI. After around 18 years Amit Shah brought the case back to the news with his comments.

Many say that the BJP is doing what Congress did when it was in power. Amit Shah was arrested when veteran Congress leader P Chidambaram was the Union Home Minister. However, Amit Shah was cleared of these charges. Cut to a few years, Amit Shah became Union Home Minister and Chidambaram was arrested in an alleged corruption case.
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